Introducing the Vision 365 ten year plan

Published on April 1, 2022

Introducing the Vision 365 ten year plan

Join the movement to double global egg consumption by 2032! Vision 365 was launched by the IEC to unleash the potential of eggs by developing the nutritional reputation of eggs on a global scale.

With the whole industry’s support, this initiative will enable us to build the reputation of the egg based on scientific fact, positioning eggs as an essential food for health.

Why now?

Nutritionally and economically, the egg has always been unbeatable, and now is the perfect time to promote the power of the egg as an affordable, nutritious, and low impact food source.

As an industry, we are facing a very real and urgent threat. The ideological views of powerful and well-funded activists, multinational food companies, NGOs and food start-ups are building a strong anti-livestock narrative within international United Nations organisations and consumer groups.

We are at a pivotal moment and need organised and co-ordinated action to protect our future.

What will your support deliver?

The initiative will facilitate a vibrant and growing movement, featuring proactive global communications to promote the nutritional value of the egg and increased outreach to key inter-governmental organisations to inspire progress.

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