About Joice & Hill

Excellence in Egg Layer Genetics

Joice and Hill distribute the Hendrix Genetics range of egg layer breeds in the UK, all of which have unrivalled heritage and proven performance. The products offer a range of characteristics, providing for the needs of all UK free range egg producers.

Constant investment in advanced hatching facilities, and a modern vehicle fleet, ensures we have the capacity to hatch and deliver consistently high volumes of healthy and productive chicks.

Our national technical sales team maintain contact with flocks throughout the laying cycle, providing advice and support, alongside vets and nutrition experts, to experienced and novice free range producers alike. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer you.


Our History

Founded in 1965, Joice and Hill initially hatched and distributed Babcock variety layers.

In the 1970s, they transferred to the Dutch breeder, Euribrid, selling Hisex Brown layers and Hybrid turkeys. In 1993, BP Nutrition sold Joice and Hill to former Hillsdown CEO, Robert Haynes, and in 1998, Euribrid merged with Hendrix, and the Bovans breeds became available. In 2000, the Bovans Goldline was introduced to the UK, and sales of our day-old chick sales tripled in the next 5 years.

Hendrix Genetics acquired ISA in 2005, making them the largest layer breeder in the world, and in 2006, Joice and Hill acquired the former ISA UK hatchery and farms, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Hendrix in 2010.

Joice and Hill are proud to be a Hendrix Genetics Company, a truly global, multi-species, animal genetics company. Breeding is at the core of the company who have become an undisputed market leader in world markets for layer breeding, turkey breeding, pig, and salmon breeding. Strong emphasis on research and development continues to advance the science of animal breeding, and to improve product quality in all species.

Hendrix Genetics was founded in 2005, and today employs approximately 2,800 dedicated people in fully or partially owned companies, in over 24 countries across the globe.

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Leading Research for Better Breeding

The Hendrix Genetics Research & Technology Centre (RTC) is recognised worldwide as one of the leading research centres for animal genetics.

It supports the breeding divisions of Hendrix Genetics, with work on projects to improve the basis for selection programmes, by the prediction of genetic value of breeding candidates. Pedigree and performance data of millions of animals are stored centrally by the RTC software engineers, ensuring the newest features and functionalities in database and data analysis technology. The RTC Biobank stores blood and tissue samples of all breeding stock, for meaningful analysis of the DNA information using molecular genetics.

In addition to in-house research, numerous other research projects are successfully executed in close collaboration with international renowned institutions and well-known companies. Projects include welfare traits, in-ovo sexing, disease resistance and selection for extensive (floor and aviary housing) systems.

All in all, the RTC capitalizes on the synergies of a multi-species breeding company by ensuring the best combination of science and practice.

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Sustainable Genetic Solutions

Eggs and egg products are an affordable, safe, and nutritious way to feed the world’s growing population. We believe our role is to provide egg producers with genetic resources which fulfil the wishes of consumers and society. We are dedicated to improving the sustainability of animal production.

Joice and Hill is dedicated to supporting free range egg production in the UK by supplying innovative and sustainable genetic solutions - we were the first UK layer hatchery to be accredited with the Freedom Food scheme (RSPCA).

Our layer breeds play an important role in feeding the fast-growing world population with eggs and eggs products. Taking our responsibility for meeting the increased demand for food, goes hand in hand with respecting animal welfare. At Joice and Hill, we take animal welfare and sustainable breeding in a very serious way.

Hendrix Genetics have adopted the European Code, Efabar, a Code of Good Practices with the aim to safeguard sustainable breeding and reproduction. The code addresses: food safety and public health, product quality, genetic diversity, efficiency, the environment, and animal health and welfare. Breeding has developed into a sophisticated activity, which makes use of the latest findings in genetics and reproductive science. Joice and Hill, however, fully adheres to the Code Efabar’s ban on genetic modification and cloning.

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