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Joice and Hill Poultry is the UK Distributor for the world class egg laying hens, bred by Hendrix Genetics, including the Bovans Brown, one of the world’s leading brown egg laying hens and the Dekalb White, known as the most productive white egg layers.

It is our goal to unlock the genetic potential of these egg layers through the pursuit of superior chick quality, after sales service and our partnership approach, which delivers exceptional support to our free range egg producer and colony customers.

We have a committed team of staff with a wealth of technical and commercial layer hen experience. The pursuit of customer service and exceptional day-old chick quality lies at the core of our day-to-day activities. Operating modern breeding and hatching facilities, we have the capacity to supply and deliver the large egg layer flock sizes often needed by our customers.

Our modern hatchery is fully accredited within the Lion Code and Poultry Health Scheme and audited to ensure we exceed the high standards of hygiene, biosecurity and traceability required by the poultry industry. National technical support is given by a dedicated UK based team backed by Hendrix Genetics technicians, nutritionists, layer hen and production system specialists, and veterinarians from France and the Netherlands.

Nick Bailey

Our chick quality is second to none and we support each flock throughout the cycle, to ensure their full genetic potential is realised

Nick Bailey
Nick Bailey

Free Range Breeds with Proven Performance

Hendrix Genetics are focused on innovation and excellence in egg layer breeding. Our layer breeds, such as the Bovans Brown, Dekalb White, Shaver Brown, and Warren, can trace their ancestry to famous breeders in Europe and North America. A commitment to R&D which is unmatched by rivals, has resulted in world class modern hybrid egg layers that show excellent performance over extended cycles, in all housing systems.

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Gordon Alexander of Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs explains why he sees a bright future for White Egg Layers

Initially filmed for use at the BFREPA Live event in November, this second film focuses on the packers perspective and an optimistic view of where the future for white eggs lies.

Newly released videos reveal producers' confidence in the future of white egg layers - and the Dekalb White in particular!

Free range egg producers and packers are notoriously camera shy, so we were particularly pleased when three of our customers “volunteered” to go on record.