German Free-Range Farm Achieves 500 Eggs in 100 weeks

Published on May 3, 2018

German Free-Range Farm Achieves 500 Eggs in 100 weeks

A flock of 40,000 Dekalb White layers have become the first commercial layers in Germany to achieve the 500 eggs in 100 weeks milestone.

The B├╝ter family farm is located in Vrees, Germany and a ceremony was organised to recognise their achievement, along with the contributions of ab ovo, their pullet supplier, For Farmers as feed supplier, Windhaus & Hemne for veterinarian support, Hendrix Genetics as the breeding company and their employee, Yahya Alali. During the ceremony, the award was handed over to the family along with a speech to recognize their hard work.

The Dekalb White commercial flock is the first flock in a newly constructed house with a free-range area. The fact that this farm is a free-range farm makes these results even more special as free range can be a more challenging environment for laying hens.

The results of this Dekalb White commercial flock were exceptional. The flock was 101.3 weeks of age, production per hen housed was 517.4 eggs and feed intake was 118 gr. Mortality was 8 % of which 2.5 % was due to predators, including foxes and birds of prey in the range area. Average egg weight was 61,8 gr. The flock was producing above 97 % for 36 weeks and above 90 % for 58 weeks.

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