Published on May 29, 2020

Congratulations and Jubilations – 2020 Egg and Poultry Award Finalists!

We are delighted to have been selected as finalists in three categories at this year’s Poultry Business Egg and Poultry Awards.

  • Unit Manager of the Year
  • Hatchery of the Year
  • Poultry Business of the Year

We would also like to congratulate the Panniers of Wellington Farm in Hereford, and their flocks of Dekalb White layers, who have made it to the finals in the Egg Producer of the Year category.

Due to the current covid crisis the final judging will be done by a virtual process, and it may be that the awards ceremony is cancelled, we sincerely hope not!

A Special Mention

However, we are delighted to be finalists in three categories. We would especially like to congratulate Alin on his personal success in getting to the finals. Alin arrived in the UK from Romania in January 2017. At home he reared layers on a small commercial scale with flocks of up to 1,000 at a time.

On arrival in the UK, Alin secured a position with Cobb where he worked until January 2019, moving to Joice and Hill to take over the management of Whittlesey Farm in February 2019.

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