Over the years Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd have put in place strict bio-security policies for both the breeder farms and Hatchery in terms of health and Hygiene. Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd use of antibiotics is as follows;

  1. Antibiotics are not routinely used prophylactically in the breeding stock or the progeny day old layer chicks produced.
  2. If antibiotics are used in the breeding stock then this is following a full veterinary investigation with flock assessment, laboratory investigation and antibiotic sensitivity profiling using only licensed products to safeguard bird health and welfare.
  3. Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd are very focused on breeder flock health and management such that the risk of developing problems requiring antibiotic treatment and minimized.
  4. Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd take hygiene very seriously and policies have been developed through from the point at which the egg is laid on farm to when chicks leave the hatchery to ensure that the risk of bacterial infection in minimized.

Health and hygiene are crucial, prevention is better than cure and antibiotics would only be used following veterinary investigations where there is a need to safeguard birds welfare.