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We Pay Our Respects to the Late Jim Warren


We are sorry to hear that James J. "Jim" Warren, Jr., the son of James J. "J.J." Warren, a renowned poultry breeder,  has recently died at the age of 83. We offer our deepest condolences to his family, who were at his bedside when he passed away on 21 February 2012.

Jim Warren - the founding father of the modern hybrids supplied by Joice & Hill - was born on 10 February 1929 in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. His father, James Warren, began poultry breading in 1923, after converting his father's dairy farm into a poultry farm, that Jim would later take over as J.J Warren Inc.

Whilst studying poultry science at the University of Massachusetts in 1951, Jim introduced dominant white and silver genes into his father's R.I. Reds resulting in R.I. White (Dominant) strain. The basis of the innovative autosexable salmon sex-link cross, this line can be found in the parentage of over 90% of brown egg layers marketed worldwide.

He managed the Warren poultry breeding companies until 1971 when they were purchased by DEKALB AgResearch, Inc. as Director of DeKalb's poultry research program for 17 years, and as geneticist of record for three white and brown egg products, he made significant contributions to the company's international marketing success.

Over the years, Jim travelled to around 60 countries in support of his genetic efforts, and was a member of many associations, among them the Massachusetts R.O.P. Breeders Assn. (Pres.1956), the Massachusetts Poultry Association (Pres.1957) and the Poultry Breeders of America (Pres.1987).

Jim was also the author of the Breeding and Genetics chapter of American Poultry History (Vol.II), 1996 and was elected to the American Poultry Hall of Fame in 1998.

History of J.J.Warren Inc., USA