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Frans Van SambeekFrans Van Sambeek

Frans Van Sambeek UK Visit


Frans van Sambeek spent 4 days in the UK at the end of February with Joice & Hill Sales Director, Peter Cumbers & Technical Director, Stephen Turner.

They covered over a 1,000 miles & in that time Frans made three separate presentations on the ISA Breeding Programme ranging from a 600,000 bird Free Range group, the 750,000 bird Columbian Black Tail Producer group and finally a 1.5 Million Integrated production company along with numerous Farm visits ranging from a 205,000 bird Intensive unit to a 3,000 bird free Range unit. The total number of birds represented by all the combined visits was over 6 Million or 20% of the UK Laying Population, a very busy week!

All visits were very well received and the trip gave Frans an insight on the extremes of where we expect the birds to perform.