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Bovans Bounce Back at Highlander Farm


Despite its Caledonian sounding name, Highlander Farm is in the Lincolnshire Wolds and is the location of a new venture for owners, the Kilby Family. In 2015, their first free range flock of 16,000 Bovans were housed in a brand new Big Dutchman multi-tier system – ranging on a mixture of pasture and woodland.

Thanks to a combination of the resilience of the Bovans birds, advice from packer Fairburns and expert treatment from Ian Lowery of Crowshall Vets, even a problem with Mycoplasma at 48 weeks ended with the flock performing well.

As Stuart Kilby says “Our first flock achieved 318 eggs per bird, so we are pretty pleased. This was despite a problem with Mycoplasma. They recovered fairly quickly to lay at 94%. We plan to have more Bovans by the end of the year”.

Production Data at 72 Weeks of Age
Flock Size 16000
Peak 94% until 48 weeks
Eggs per Hen Housed 318
Feed Intake 120g per bird
Seconds 0.045

Data from the Ranger