Founded in 1965, Joice and Hill initially hatched and distributed Babcock variety layers.


Transferred to Dutch breeder Euribrid in 1970s selling Hisex Brown layers and Hybrid turkeys.


1993 BP Nutrition sold Joice and Hill to former Hillsdown CEO, Robert Haynes.


1998 Euribrid merges with Hendrix and the Bovans breeds become available.


2000 Introduce Bovans Goldline to the UK and triple our day old chick sales in 5 years.


2005 Hendrix Genetics acquires ISA, making them the largest layer breeder in the world.


2006 Joice and Hill acquisition of the former ISA UK hatchery and farms.


2009 Bovans Brown, a new product of the combined ISA and Hendrix breeding programmes reaches the UK market.


2010 Robert Haynes sells his holding to Hendrix Genetics.