A Hendrix Genetics Company

Joice and Hilll are proud to be a Hendrix Genetics Company, a truly global, multi-species, animal genetics company. Breeding is at the core of the company. An undisputed market leader in many of the main markets in layer breeding, turkey breeding, pig and salmon breeding. With strong emphasis on research and development in order to advance the science of animal breeding and to improve product quality in all species.

Founded in 2005, its roots go back a long way and today Hendrix Genetics employs approximately 1.000 dedicated people in fully or partially owned companies in over 20 countries across the globe.

It supports the breeding divisions of Hendrix Genetics, with work on projects to improve the basis for selection programs by the prediction
of genetic value of breeding candidates.

Pedigree and performance data of millions of animals are stored centrally with RTC software engineers ensuring the newest features and functionalities in database and data entry technology. The RTC Biobank stores blood and tissue samples of all breeding stock for meaningful analysis of the DNA information using molecular genetics.

In addition to in-house research numerous other research projects
are successfully executed in close collaboration with international renowned institutions and well-known companies.

All in all, the RTC capitalizes on the synergies of a multi-species breeding company by ensuring the best combination of science and practice.