The Heritage of Warren

James J. Warren Senior was born on October 10th, 1892 in Batavia, New York and the Warren family started breeding Rhode Island Reds (RIR) in 1923. James J Warren Jr. was born on in 1929, graduating with an MSc in Poultry in 1951. In 1956 he took over research at the company and the following year assumed responsibility as General Manager.

One of the important phases of the development program was the establishment of the Warren Research Farm, set up to test 100’s of strains and genetic combinations searching for superior birds. The JJW “blueprint for breeding improvement” was to become a major factor in improving the breeds and crosses, and in developing new and promising combinations of both white and brown egg layers.

In 1958, Jim Warren started working with Mme Studler on the Studler Sex-Sal-Link (SSL). In 1964 it was introduced into the UK as the Warren Studler Sex-Sal-Link (SSL). The original SSL was extremely efficient but if it suffered severe stress it would not recover. A different male combination was used to produce the SSL EMP and gave it extreme stress resistance. That was the basis of the success of the SSL throughout the world.


Bred with free range producers in mind

Excellent behaviour and resilience

Proven genetic pedigree


The Warren Today

The Warren is the result of extensive consultation and focused research into the best solution for the rapidly expanding free range sector in the UK. Bred from proven Hendrix lines it is set to become the champion of free range.

The Warren will be slightly larger framed with all the advantages of modern hybrid egg quality, productivity and performance. Resilient and well behaved, no matter what it encounters the Warren is ready for the rigours of the range.