The Shaver Story

Donald Shaver began his distinguished career when he established his chicken breeding operation in Ontario, Canada in the mid-1930s. During WWII he fought his way through Italy, France and then Holland, in a Canadian armored division, rising to the rank of Colonel.

On return to Canada he re-established his farm using his demobilization allowance and went on to establish a global breeding organization, distributing highly profitable layer and broiler strains. The Shaver proved itself as a money maker worldwide and when Donald Shaver stepped down, in 1985, his organization accounted for an estimated 20% of the world market for eggs.

Throughout his career, Dr. Shaver set high personal standards in terms of effort, ethics and consideration for other people. He is regarded as one of the most successful and entrepreneurial breeders of his generation. In 2015 he was honored by the King and Queen of the Netherlands for his contributions to liberating Holland 70 years ago.


Efficient and profitable

Consistent shell colour and quality

An adaptable all rounder


The Shaver Brown Today

The Shaver Brown is a highly efficient and balanced brown egg layer, producing a large volume of medium and large sized brown eggs with strong shells and good internal quality.

The Shaver Brown has a low feed intake combined with a high peak production and great laying persistency. The supreme Shaver Brown is a reliable, efficient and profitable bird for all egg producers.