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2019 National Egg and Poultry Awards

This year’s National Egg & Poultry Awards saw Joice and Hill reach the finals for no less than four awards after the judges visited the Hatchery at Eye near Peterborough.

Success in Scotland!

Hendrix breeds won TWO awards at the Scottish Egg Quality Awards this year.Joice and Hill were part sponsors of the 2019 Scottish Egg Quality Awards presentation dinner which was held at Murrayshal...

Hatchery Technology Now and Then

The photograph above, taken in 1972, tells a compelling story about the evolution of hatchery technology. Today’s hatcheries are designed for resource efficiency, biosecurity, and built-in controls...

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Hendrix Genetics outperform the competition in the 40th North Carolina Layer Performance and Management Test

The North Carolina Layer Performance and Management Test is an annual, independent trial meant to assist the poultry industry in evaluating the performance of the top commercial layer products in v...

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Developing a new generation of talent

Jack joined the Joice and Hill Hatchery Team in September 2018 as a full time hatchery apprentice. His appointment represents a first step towards achieving our objective of bringing young talent i...

Coming your way - insects, artificial intelligence and virtual reality!

Hendrix Genetics Innovations was founded in 2016 with a remit to explore new technologies to understand their potential impact on the business, partners, and clients, and to support innovative star...

2019 The Road Ahead

The UK egg industry is a brilliant and exciting sector to work in. 

Achieving egg weight targets that match market trends

With our range of brands, finding the right genetics for your flock is easy with Joice and Hill. All of our breeds show a very quick rise in early egg size but genetically the Bovans Brown and ISA ...

Laying hens unlock natural defences to ward off disease

A new genetic link to the immune system in laying hens has been discovered that could result in laying hens being born resistant to many diseases.   Pioneering research of the full genome of over ...

Introducing the "Eggxaminator"

The Eggxaminator is a brand new piece of technology that will enhance egg quality data collection even further than before. Created in collaboration with Hendrix Genetics Innovations and a tech par...

‘Don’t get hangry, get cracking’   - British Egg Week

With British Egg Week 2018 (8-14 October) coming up, British Lion eggs has developed a toolkit to help retailers, food manufacturers and caterers to start planning how to make the most of the week.  

Breeding for prolonged laying cycles in laying hens, a breeding programme explained!

In just 6o years layer breeding has produced modern hybrids with performance and persistency characteristics that would have astonished the breeding pioneers of past generations. 

Going ‘cage free’ by 2025 - welfare consequences for laying hens

The commitment of the UK’s (remaining) major supermarkets to only sell shell eggs from non-caged birds, from 2025 will have a significant impact on the lives of millions of hens.

A cracking night for Joice and Hill

The National Egg & Poultry Awards is an annual event which recognises excellence and innovation in the egg and poultry sectors.  

German Free-Range Farm Achieves 500 Eggs in 100 weeks

A flock of 40,000 Dekalb White layers have become the first commercial layers in Germany to achieve the 500 eggs in 100 weeks milestone.

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Laying hens unlock natural defences to ward off disease

A new genetic link to the immune system in laying hens has been discovered that could result in laying hens being born resistant to many diseases.  

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An insight into the Genetics Applied to Livestock Production World Congress

In February of this year, the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production was held. Get to know the insights, trends and key outcomes of the event. 

Egg free scrambled eggs anyone?

In an alarming move in their mission their mission to create an egg free world, Hampton Creek, the company behind egg free Just Mayo, plan to launch Just Scrambled - egg free, "scrambled eggs" in t...

Egg consumption figures bring good news (and a cloud on the horizon)

There was good news and bad news for egg producers in February. Happily, its mainly good news, as British consumers continue to increase their consumption of eggs with great enthusiasm and eggs con...

Feeding for successful flocks in free range, barn and organic production systems!

Globally, much of the recent work on nutrition has been based on the needs of birds housed in intensive systems. However, there are significant differences, particularly in energy requirements, for...

Revolutionary Kipster Layer Farm Opened

In September the first Kipster farm was officially opened. This is the most state-of-the-art layer farm in the world. Hendrix Genetics is a proud partner in this concept and the first Dekalb White ...

It’s Official – Runny Eggs Back On The Menu!

Pregnant women, babies and elderly people can now enjoy dippy eggs again for the first time since the 1980s – as long as they have the British Lion mark on. 

First Flock of Scottish Shavers Judged ‘Outstanding’

This year’s Scottish Egg Quality Awards were held at the Murrayshall Hotel, Scone, on Thursday 13th July. Nick Bailey and Dick McGillvary attended as guests of Iain Campbell from For Farmers and we...

The Curious Case of Cloud Eggs

Eggs are growing in popularity, and consumption is rising. No longer restricted to a breakfast staple, eggs are cropping up on trendy menus and cooking programmes all over the place, oozing out of ...

First Hatches of New Generation Warren

Warren are due to begin on the 16th of March, creating an additional option to the existing Hendrix portfolio, in response to the growth in the UK free range egg sector.