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Teamwork and Technical Backup in the Field


The work of the Joice and Hill Technical Team

The statistics attached to ISA’s commitment to research and development are seriously impressive - an annual budget of 10 million euros, pure line testing to 100 weeks for over 10 years and 6 million eggs tested every year. Egg production truly is a numbers game but people and teamwork are what bring the numbers to life and ensure the genetic potential of our breeds.

Led by Stephen Turner, who forms part of ISA Breeding Company’s Technical Service team for Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, the Joice and Hill team ensure that ISA’s investment in R & D resources are translated into performance for producers in the field.

The UK Technical Sales team are all highly experienced personnel with hands on technical and practical knowledge of all layer production systems, gained in the field. Covering the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, we focus on data collection and support and as part of an international technical team, we can draw on an enormous pool of knowledge to help our customers.

Meeting every two months, we review performance and update each other on performance at GPS/PS and commercial level with both white and brown layers within the ISA stable. “Perhaps most important of all, the Joice and Hill Technical Sales team are open, honest and trustworthy people whose love of the job is clear to see“ says Stephen.