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New ISA Hatchery to Provide Parent Stock for Joice and Hill


The first stone laying ceremony for the new hatchery of layer breeding company ISA took place on Friday December 21, 2012 at Boxmeer in the Netherlands. A total area of 4,080 square meters will provide an annual production capacity of around 5 million layer (grand) parent stock. The hatchery is well equipped to support the company’s growth ambitions as well as those of her distributors, including Joice and Hill in the UK ,when it commences operation in July 2013.

The new hatchery has been built alongside an existing, ISA hatchery which was constructed by Euribrid in 1974. After the merger with the French-based company ISA in 2005, the hatchery continued operation under the ISA banner until the present day. The success of ISA’s globally renowned laying stock has now created the need for greater capacity. With sustainability and quality at the forefront of the planning process, the new hatchery is built using the very latest technology ensuring production of healthy livestock and the lowest possible environmental impact.

Thijs Hendrix   

The first stone of the new hatchery was laid down by Thijs Hendrix, the président of Hendrix Genetics, and Frans van Sambeek, the R&D director of ISA.