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Three generations of experience and trust in ISA birds

Michael Gerrard’s family have been involved in poultry for three generations and in recent years they have moved from production in cages to free range. Throughout the many changes that have affected the egg laying sector over the last 75 years, the Gerrards have always trusted breeds which are part of the proven brands in the ISA portfolio.

In 1932 William Gerrard bought a 4 acre field on Firwood Lane where he began hatching eggs and making local sales. Then, in 1934, he took over Firwood Farm where his hens of choice were Rhode Island Red’s and the White Sussex, laying in small sheds scattered around their fields. As the business progressed into the 1950’s wood and wire cages housing 500-600 bird flocks were introduced, as well as hatching and rearing. At this point Frank Gerrard joined the business from school in 1955.

In 1963, looking to expand their operation, William bought and reconstructed two WW2 accommodation sheds. Wire Whicker cages were installed with flock sizes of around 500 and the breed selected at the time was Warren. Dunblane and Tommason cages were installed in 1964 and the flock sizes rose to 1200 – still producing eggs for farm gate sales.

In 1980, Michael Gerrard joined the growing family business and they decided to move from the Warren, ordering Hisex chicks, hatched by Farm Fresh Hatchery. At the time Hisex birds offered the bigger egg size demanded by the market. However in the late 90’s the Bovan Goldline was introduced and the family decided to go with new breed.

The old WW2 vintage sheds were demolished in 2007 to make way for a state of the art 6000 flock flat deck free range shed. The eggs are now being sold under the Firwood Farm Eggs brand name - at the farm gate as well as to local shops, restaurants and to John Coulthurst.

“We are now on our sixth consecutive flock of ISA birds and our fourth flock of Bovans. That speaks volumes about the performance and robustness of ISA breeds” says Michael.

The Bovans were performing at 91% at 49 weeks at Firwood

Performance Data from Firwood Farm Eggs