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Country Fresh Pullets & Joice and Hill Fun Day


Joice & Hill entertained the CFP team at an activity centre in Wales. This included 4x4 Driving, Archery, Shooting and the final activity of designing a dry water raft ensuring chaos but a lot of laughter.

Awards were presented by Peter Cumbers.

The final winning individuals & team were:

Steve Carlyle

Steve Carlyle (CFP) Award for Land Raft Race


John Hodgson

John Hodgson (CFP) Award for Rifle Shooting


Penny Humphrey

Penny Humphrey (JH) Award for 4x4 Driving


Jon Mason

Jon Mason (CFP) Archery


Team Winners

Award for Overall Team Winners with Peter Cumbers

(from Left to Right) Jon Mason, James Atrill,

from Country Fresh Pullets and then

Penny, Stephen and James from Joice and Hill