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Bovans Performance Verified by Independent Tests


Mezinarodni Testovani Drubeze is a state owned company belonging to the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. They are a highly respected and impartial body whose integrity, methodologies and findings are highly regarded across the entire spectrum of poultry production. The results of their ‘International Performance Tests 2013 - 2014 – Colony System’ report have just been published.

The statistics provide clear evidence that the end of lay performance of Bovans translates directly into extra income for producers. As Peter Cumbers says, “This independent report is further proof that the financial return is dependent on a bird’s performance at the end of lay and not at its peak – this is where the Bovans is a real economic winner. The longer producers keep our birds, the greater the advantage“.

The table below shows the positive impact of the Bovans and ISA Brown feed conversion: