Sustainable genetic solutions

Joice and Hill is dedicated to supporting egg production globally by supplying innovative and sustainable genetic solutions - we were the first UK layer hatchery to be accredited with the Freedom
Food scheme (RSPCA).

Our layer breeds play an important role in feeding the fast growing world population with eggs and eggs products. Taking our responsibility for meeting the increased demand for food, goes hand in hand with respecting animal welfare. At Joice and Hill we take animal welfare and sustainable breeding in a very serious way.

Hendrix Genetics have adopted the European Code Efabar, a Code
of Good Practices with the aim to safeguard sustainable breeding and reproduction. The code addresses among others: food safety and public health, product quality, genetic diversity, efficiency, the environment and animal health and welfare. Breeding has developed into a sophisticated activity, which makes use of the latest findings in genetics and reproductive science. Joice and Hill however fully adheres to the Code Efabar’s ban on genetic modification and cloning.